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Choosing A Pre-wedding Day Photo Shoot


There are several good reasons why a website link for Kent wedding photographers such as Lovepear Photography advice their clients to have pre-wedding photo shoots. One of the main reasons is so that the couple learns to get comfortable in front of the camera as well as get better acquainted with their Kent wedding photographer. Every photographer knows that each client is different from the other. You have to learn each client separately so as to capture their best side during a photo shoot. This is yet another good reason for including a pre-wedding photo shoot in your Kent wedding photography package.


Choosing the location for your pre-wedding photo shoot


The location of your pre-wedding photo shoot does not have to be the same as your wedding location. In fact, for contrast purposes, you are adviced to choose a totally different location. You can go absolutely wild with this. Go to the beach, use your back yard, or have your Kent wedding photographer suggest a location that they know would make for wonderful pre-wedding portraits.


Why include pre-wedding photo shoots in your package?


Aside from the fact that you get a chance to familiarize yourself with the camera lens and your photographer, getting a wedding photograph package that includes pre-wedding photos has several other advantages.



1. You get to decide on the kind of poses you will use during the big day. This is like a trial run to the big day. Your photographer will get a chance to know which one of you has a better left side, which one of you has a more radiant smile and which one is better off scowling.

2. These pictures can be used as a digital story leading up to the big day. Most photographers can help create a digital story of your love and moments before your wedding day. Pre-wedding photos are the best kind of material for this endevour.


Choosing your pre-wedding photographer


The best idea is to use the same photographer for your pre-wedding shoot as you will for your actual wedding. Continuity is imperative in these cases. You want someone you are already comfortable with, someone who already knows you as a couple. Using different Kent wedding photographers may prove disastrous as having to learn the process and preferances of a new photographer on D-Day tends to induce nervous smiles and poses. Use the same person all through and you will be as comfortable and as natural in front of the camera as can be.








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