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Four Lock Cylinder Types


1. Euro Lock Cylinder Types


About 150 years ago, European locksmiths agreed upon a standard lock cylinder known as the еuro cylinder. It is popular as it is used to enhance security on different types of doors and other security applications. If you have a composite door or a PVC, then you can go for an euro cylinder because it works efficiently with a multi-point lock. There are three euro lock cylinder types.

• Euro Single - оffers you with a key access from one side of the door only.

• Euro Double - оffers access from both sides of the door.

• Euro Double With Turn - provides key access from one side of the door and a thumb turn from the other.


2. Mortise Cylinder


Mortise cylinder was first installed on the mortise lockset, and hence the name. This profile is an American brand which was the standard type of lock cylinder that the people of USA relied on to stiffen security in many types of locking hardware. The mortise cylinder is round, threaded and is usually screwed into the lock body. When installing, you may need to use spacers to ensure that the cylinder flushes with the lock properly. The threaded housing of this cylinder as well as its metallic properties enables it to be securely installed into the door, and hard to snap or break into. Since they are large, they require more metal base to ensure that the lock is stable. The мortise cylinders are available in interchangeable core formats and standard keyway.



3. Rim Lock Cylinder Types


This cylinder lock is traditionally referred to as the 'Yale’ lock and is mostly fitted on the front doors for security purposes. It is similar to the mortise cylinder, only that it has a longer tailpiece on its end. It is also available in the standard keyway and interchangeable core formats. Unlike most of other lock cylinder types, rim lock cylinder comes with a night latch that has a snib function. When installing, then the key-locking handle is fitted on the inside of the door. This way, the door can be shut from the inside, and only opened from there and not from the outside. Note that the door can also be locked without using a key, meaning that the cylinder offers maximum protection.


4. Key In Knob Cylinder


Key in knob cylinder is one of the globally renowned and most reputable hardware, and keyway manufacturers recommend it. It is common to residential knob locks and commercial lever sets. The cylinder holds the part of the lock where you insert your key to open or close the door. Albeit this portion may be the same as that of other lock cylinder types, the rest of the lock is usually thin and small. The depth of the lever determines that of the cylinder, and how the cylinder captures the locking mechanism of the lever determines the end. Note that this cylinder must be installed in a knob or handle that is surface mounted, and it might require linking with tailpieces. You can surround your lock with metal to protect the cylinder from break-ins.





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