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Simplified Publishing With Blurb Innovation

Publishing a book may seem like something big, a costly and tedious process which some authors would rather not undergo, missing the chance to share their creative side to others who may be inspired with their work. Truth is, you can actually pursue it without hiring anyone else but simply control publication yourself. Blurb will be your ultimate partner, from creating, designing, to self-publishing your book in both digital form and print. Tracing its roots back in 2005, Blurb was founded and remained strong until today, helping anyone who wants to share their talent and tell their story. It provides writers, business people, photographers, and everyone else an easy way to create a book. Blurb lets you work in different languages and does not cost anything so you can begin your project right away.


Getting Started


Start creating your book by adding pictures and text as you wish, or upload your existing manuscript from Word programs or PDF format. Blurb software has a user-friendly interface and a book-making suite embedded with lots of great features which can be navigated with ease. BookSmart, Bookify Online Tool and BookWright programs, as well as Blurb Mobile applications for the iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4, altogether can turn your ideas into your very own book. You can modify and edit, customize templates to meet your requirements. Through their Online Photo books, you can incorporate pictures taken from Instagram, Facebook, Flicker or add valuable content from blogs. You can definitely come up with a professional, bookstore quality masterpiece with all the right tools and features offered by Blurb. Blurb has Free bokk-making tools, tools for Adobe Users. Not only can you make books and ebook versions from a single file in this innovative software, but you can also work on magazines, photo books, trade books and planners.




Printing won't be a problem since Blurb will take care of it. Give your book an authentic look with vast choices of hardcover, softcover, premium-grade papers, custom end sheets in different sizes and page layouts. They also offer foil stamping, embossing, adding ribbons and headbands. You can use a portrait or landscape setting, and have a single vibrant picture spread out in two pages. All these exhibits a book with high quality output from cover to cover, whether in print or digital format. Their website also offers discounts for printing requests in large volumes.





Blurb will have your book distributed globally through various trusted and popular channels such as Amazon and Apple iBooks Store. You also have the Direct Sell method by which you are given your personal Storefront. You set your own price and once you sell, the full markup price is all yours. Support others and check out the Blurb bookstore for unique books that other authors such as yourself have created and shared for everyone to see. Browse through Editor Picks, Best Sellers and the newest additions. Blurb has made lives easier and simpler as it should be, as well as produced many promising authors successful and you may be the next best selling author of today's times (see







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